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Cast Iron Guttering Facts!

Whether you’re renovating your home and replacing all your guttering or in the process of making repairs to your guttering, you’re probably looking at all your guttering options before committing to one type or another.

If you’ve done your research you will already know that cast iron guttering is more expensive then PVC but there are many reasons as to why cast iron guttering could be the best option for you and your building.

If you’re still undecided, here’s a few quick facts to help you make that final commitment.


Cast iron guttering has been used on properties for years, in fact they were first used back in the Victorian days. It was only after the Second World War when materials became scarce that plastic started to take over instead. Nowadays cast iron guttering is making a resurgence for many reasons. One of which, is that many buildings from the Victorian period still have their original guttering in place, which bears testament to its durability. If installed and maintained properly cast iron gutters should last at the very least 50 years but with an expectancy of 100 years +!

Another reason homeowners are now opting for cast iron guttering is quite simply because it looks so lovely. For really modern properties it may not work so well but for many buildings, cast iron gutters help keep a property’s character and heritage. Even though it may be more expensive, as it should last a lifetime, you’ll only need to buy it once!


Cast iron gutters offer a low maintenance guttering solution. Having them checked half yearly or yearly is a good idea just to ensure there are no blockages caused from debris such as leaves, moss and twigs. You should also check your fittings are secure and in place to avoid any movement and leakages. Generally, the finished systems will come from the factory with 4 coats of paint already applied which will prevent rusting, should any parts start to flake you can buy special paint to restore the paintwork. For further information on maintaining your guttering visit:


Many of us are now looking for environmentally friendly solutions and cast iron guttering is 100% recyclable and sustainable. Unlike other guttering options, if you need to replace any parts, the old pieces of your guttering system can be recycled.


One thing to bear in mind is that cast iron guttering is very heavy. If you are installing the system yourself you will need some willing helpers to help manoeuvre the guttering into place with you. You will also need to put up scaffolding as it is impossible to work from a ladder when handling heavy pieces of a guttering system. However, the advantage of the guttering being heavy means that it is robust and therefore able to cope with the demands of our inclement weather.

Hopefully our facts have given you a better understanding of cast iron guttering but if you’d like to find out more visit:

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