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Camera Gadgets for the aspiring photographer


man taking picture

With technology updating and improving every year, taking pictures couldn’t be easier or quicker using cameras on mobile phones. But for those wishing to take photography to a whole new level are there any new, interesting gadgets on the market which will help make life easier?

We have found 5 of the best innovative ideas to help you capture that perfect moment.



Created by former Apple engineers this amazing gadget is no bigger than a small doughnut and can shoot full HD 360 degree video panoramas in real time. The camera uses 4 independent 5.0 megapixel sensors which each shoot 1080p video. Due to its size it can easily be mounted onto your finger making it the ideal choice for videoing whilst out on the road, on safari or day excursions. The amazing little gadget also has built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, three microphones and a removable battery, which should last for up to 2 hours.

Camera Backpack

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer like John Cassidy, The Headshot Guy, the Bolton Street Camera Backpack is designed to make life out and about very easy. The main compartment has padded dividers which are removable to allow you to pack your equipment as you would like. But what’s more is this backpack has access compartments on both sides giving you access to your camera in an instant. To find out more Cool Things have a detailed description and also have the backpack in stock if you fancy treating yourself.

The Foldio

All still life pictures need great lighting and perfect placement which can be hard to find if you are out and about and capturing subjects on the move. This portable version of a lightbox could be the answer to your problems. The box when assembled is a 10.2’’ cube, has LED strips and comes with a black, grey and white background. It folds away into the size of a neat thin hardback book and runs off of a 9 volt battery. For photos on the move this could be great buy.

Lomography Instant Camera

Not yet in the shops this new innovative instant camera is destined to take the photography world by storm. It’s by far the most creative way to shoot fabulous photo’s which you can share anywhere and instantly with everyone. It has many amazing features including colour gel filters which you can put over your flash to show off your artistic flare.

child taking picture

Photo Academy App

All aspiring photographers should have this great app on their phone. The app contains a huge database of top tips, tricks and techniques. Whatever your question Photo Academy is bound to have the answer. For more information about the app and details on how to download, visit the iTunes store.

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