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Buyers reveal their top deal-breakers when it comes to choosing a new home

While seven out of 10 of us say we’ve had to make compromises when moving or buying our first home, there are some things that we simply won’t negotiate on. A survey carried out by consumer magazine, Which? has revealed exactly what our top deal-breakers are when it comes to buying a new home.


  • Local crime levels – safety is paramount for the vast majority of people with 90% of us refusing to compromise on this matter



  • Number of bedrooms – not having the required number of bedrooms is enough to make 86% of us walk away from a property. While we may be fixed on a set number of bedrooms, this may actually be an area worth compromising on. According to Direct Line Insurance, the average asking price difference between two and three bed properties in London is £157,202 while the average bedroom extension is just £35,000



  • 84% of us say that a home must have the right number of bathrooms in order for us to put in an offer


  • With Brits facing the longest commute to work across the whole of Europe, it’s no surprise that public transport links is of utmost importance to 83% of us. Commuting time and cost is also a big factor for 78% of people.


  • 81% of us need good local amenities in order for us to be happy in a property


  • 81% won’t compromise on noise levels which could impact properties close to airports, busy roads and train stations


  • The size of a property is a deal-breaker for 79% of us


  • 78% need good parking arrangements. With councils becoming increasingly vigilant about parking infringements and private parking costing thousands per year, for those who rely on their vehicle, this is an understandable deal-breaker. If you’ve found your dream property but there’s no parking, sites such as ParkLet ( and Your Parking Space can provide cheaper alternatives



  • The general layout of a property will influence the decision of 77% of people when it comes to deciding whether or not to put in an offer


  • While ‘location, location, location’ has long been hailed as the most important factor for buyers, it features pretty low down the list. Just 77% of people say they won’t compromise on this


  • 76% of us wouldn’t choose a property if it didn’t have a garden or any external space. Some communal flats allow BBQs and garden parties so residents can reap the benefits of being able to access some outside space.


  • 71% are strongly influenced by the overall condition of the property and how much work is needed. While buying a fixer-upper can allow you to secure a property that might otherwise be beyond your reach and add value when it comes to selling it on, make sure you get an estimate of the time and cost involved before putting in an offer


If you’re thinking of selling your home, contact a professional estate agency like Hyde and Rowe who will be able to discuss your plans with you in detail.

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