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The best, quirkiest and helpful pregnancy gadgets and aids

mother and baby laughing

Pregnancy can seem like it lasts forever as you eagerly await the birth of your child. During these precious few months it’s important to take time out, enjoy being pregnant and indulge yourself. To help you while away the time we have found some of the best, geekiest and craziest pregnancy gadgets and aids that are on the market today.


The Pinard Stethoscope

The acoustic stethoscope has been used by midwifes for many years to listen to a baby’s heartbeat. The stethoscope is shaped like a trumpet to help channel the sounds for better acoustics. Why not try listening for yourself; it may take a while to tune in but its great way for you and your partner to enjoy some listening entertainment.


Body Pillow

These large pillows give support and comfort for your whole body. Soft and cuddly these great pillows will help you get a good night’s sleep especially in the latter stages of your pregnancy. You can also use them for watching TV and after you have given birth.


Travel Sickness Bands

As the name suggests these anti-sickness bands were originally devised to help people who suffered with car sickness. However mum’s to be are using them during their pregnancy to help with morning sickness. The bands, one for each wrist, work on the Chinese principles of Acupressure and apply pressure to a certain point in your wrist. Amazon has a great range in stock where you can find out more information.


Pregnancy Apps

There are a lot of pregnancy related apps now on the market for both android and apple devices. From baby names to exercise regimes, you can download the app and have the information at the tip of your fingertips anytime and anywhere. Certain apps will also help you track how many weeks pregnant you are, when and which appointments you should be booking and will also give you information about the development of your baby.


3D/4D Scans

The NHS offers ultrasound scans during your pregnancy which will check the growth and development of your baby at certain weeks. If you would like to have more frequent scans or different scans than those offered by the NHS, you can visit a private baby scanning clinic like Beard Mill. As well as normal ultrasound scans Beard Mill also offer a 3D/4D baby scan which produces a 3 dimensional view of your baby, giving you a real time moving image of your baby.


Poop Alarm

And finally we have found a crazy gadget for new parents. If you don’t fancy relying on your nose to smell when it’s time to change a nappy, attach the device to the back of the nappy and when the deed has been done the device raises the alarm letting you know it’s time for a change!


Keeping fit and healthy will help keep both you and baby in great shape during your pregnancy. If you are at all worried about your health or the health of your baby contact your doctor immediately.

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