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Best Gadgets for a Fantastic Christmas under £50

presents under the tree

We all have this fantasy about what Christmas day should be like. Happy, smiling families, full of love and best wishes. Eating wonderful food and opening beautifully wrapped gifts in shiny paper and elegant bows. Each gift being something interesting and exciting. In my fantasy I am given a small box, inside it is a key and my dearly beloved whispers “darling look in the garage”. I open the door and there is stunning red Ferrari 488 Spyder, complete with a beautiful satin bow. Alas that won’t come under our standard £50 gift limit, so the reality is that I am more likely to get luxury gift packs of Lynx body spray, a funny book, socks and some soap on a rope!

This year I have been conned into driving 3 ½ hours in order to be polite to my in-laws for several hours on end, whilst wishing I had nagged my children a bit more about table manners. I can’t wait! I know I am not alone so in order to help those in my position make the most of this joyous time of year, here are a few gifts which you can get for under £50 which will make the whole day feel much, much better!

In-car wi-fi.

This is one of the best inventions of the modern age. About 5 years ago I had to drive the very same journey with 2 children screaming at each other in the back of the car about if they should watch Peppa Pig or The Avengers DVD on a gadget which was strapped to my headrest. I promise you; by the time I finally got to the Midlands I would have been only too delighted if my Mother in Law had announced that we were having roast pork for Christmas lunch! The cost of in-car wi-fi has plummeted and can be run on pay as you go sim cards rather than contracts so it is ideal for occasions of this sort.


Oh we all remember the days when we would sit in front of the TV on Christmas day and growl as Granny decided that we all “must watch” the Queen’s speech, which invariably fell slap bang in the middle of the best part of the latest James Bond movie!  Now we can all watch whatever we want, harmoniously, on our own personal screens, without bugging anyone else. Visit for the best deals!

Roku Streaming Sticks

If you think it might be a bit rude to sit on Granny’s sofa, wearing headphones, plugged into your own device, then this is an ideal solution. I mean, have you actually looked to see what is on the TV on Christmas day?  If you have, you will hot-click it to and grab yourself a streaming stick! That way you can even shove it in your pocket and take it to the in-laws and log it onto their wi-fi! That way you can check out Netflix or Amazon Prime and save yourself from the EastEnders Christmas special and Mary Poppins!

Virtual Reality

If you really need to escape, then try these Virtual Reality Headsets. Cheap as chips in tech terms as they are only £20 from most retailers, they make the ideal gift to distract your kids for a while.

Interactive Glow Shirts

Finally, here is one for the teenagers who have everything, from parents who are constantly reminded just how uncool we are!    Go to : to check out these fab fun shirts. I am pretty sure the graffiti written on these high tech t-shirts will not be the ones shown on the clip, but for £20 they certainly win on the novelty stakes!

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