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Bentley reveals the all new Bacalar amidst the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left devastation and destruction in its wake with many countries still dealing with the heat of the virus as they battle to save lives. Globally governments have placed lockdown restrictions on the way we live to try and stop the pandemic from taking further hold.


Countries have closed borders, called their nationals home, ordered people to stay at home, to help ease the spread. But as each country locks down business the knock-on effect for businesses and the local economies are having devastating consequences and the car industry has not been spared.

New car registrations across the European Union have slumped by 55.1% year-on-year in March, according to data collated by the EMEA – With such a downturn in sales, car manufacturing companies have had no choice but to cease car production and have instead turned their skills to help manufacturer and produce products to help fight the pandemic. Fittings to help with respirators, protective masks and disinfectant are just some of the items that are now being produced in car manufacturing plants around the world.

Within weeks our lives have transformed and for the foreseeable future car sales and used car sales have been put on the backburner. But for prestigious coach builder Bentley the coronavirus outbreak did not stop them unveiling their new supercar to the world in early March.

The Bentley Mulliner Bacalar is set to be the rarest two-door Bentley of the modern era. The striking exclusive car will enter the market with a price ticket of around £1.5 million pounds and only 12 exclusive models will be produced, each of them to be hand-made. It’s probably not surprising to know that all 12 models have already been bought by Bentley’s super-rich loyal customers.

The Bacalar will have the Bentley’s famous 6.0 litre W12 TSI petrol engine producing 659 bhp, which is 41 bhp more than the standard W12, with a raise in peak torque to 664lb ft. Each model will be styled and customised to the new owner’s tastes and never used before paint options, exterior treatments and materials will be used.

bentley mulliner bacalar

The interior will have similarities to other Bentley models, but new ethically-sourced materials will set this model apart from the rest. Wood from 5,500 year old trees naturally felled in Cambridge will form the wrap-around dashboard and wool and tweed from the Scottish Borders will be used to create an exclusive and exclusive woven cloth especially for the Bacalar.

The Bentley Mulliner team will work collaboratively with each customer to develop a customised version that’s unique for them. With such customisation options available you can bet your bottom dollar final price tickets will soar northwards of the £2 million mark. If the new Bacalar is slightly over your price range, there are plenty of used Bentley models available with a wide range of prices to suit slightly smaller wallets.

The new luxury two-seater, roofless, grand tourers are said to be due for delivery in 2021.

To find out more, follow the link to the Bentley website:

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