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The benefits of an electric toothbrush

manual toothbrush


Have you considered buying an electric toothbrush? Do they really do what they say on the tin? Will your teeth become whiter and brighter when you start using one? Well the answer from most dentists will be quite simply yes!

Here are five reasons why swapping to an electric toothbrush will not only give you a brighter smile but will also help to keep your teeth in great condition.


A more thorough clean

Electric toothbrushes are far more superiors at brushing than manual toothbrushes. The rotating bristles help clean areas better and faster. The newer designs have incorporated new technology to help clean difficult areas like the backs of molars and along the gum lines. Amazon has a huge range of different toothbrushes to help you find one suitable for you.

Stops overzealous brushing

Many of us believe that by brushing our teeth hard and fast we are doing the right thing to get rid of any plaque build-up. But be warned over-zealous brushing can damage our gums and wear away the enamel on our teeth, leaving them exposed to cold and hot sensitivities and gum recession. With an electric toothbrush it’s actually quite hard to over brush as the toothbrush does the work for you. You simply place the toothbrush in your mouth and let the rotating bristles do the work for you. By simply moving the brush within your mouth you can get a great clean without applying excessive pressure.

Easy to use

For people with mobility issues an electric toothbrush is an absolute must. Instead of having to manually move and brush teeth at the same time an electric toothbrush will do the majority of the work with minimum fuss allowing the user to regain some independence. If you suffer with arthritis in your hands or fingers this could be a great way to help clean your teeth. The Arthritis Research website has lots of help and advice for arthritis sufferers.

Timed brushing

Many of us know we should brush our teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes each time but how many of us actually time our brushing? Electric toothbrushes have an excellent device which allows the user to time their brushing. Most designs have a 2 minute timer built in and some even have a 30 second bleep letting you know when it’s time to move onto the next quarter of your mouth.


electric toothbrush

This point is probably still up for debate but it feels like it’s more environmentally friendly as you are only replacing the head of your electric toothbrush rather than the whole thing. Some environmental experts have stated it can take between 14 and 42 head replacements before you have equalled the amount of plastic in one manual toothbrush.

It’s not only dentists like family dentist Reece Associates who recommend electric toothbrushes, people who have swapped over sing their praises and swear they have brighter, whiter teeth and have a much better standard of oral health.

If you are at all worried about your dental health contact your dentist immediately.

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