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Bathrooms gadgets like never before

Getting a new bathroom in your home can be very exciting but there are loads of decisions that have to be made. Fabulous Bathrooms gave us a few hints about things to think about when getting a new bathroom, the colour scheme, storage space, weather you want a bath or a shower, functionality to name just a few. Alternatively if you are thinking of just having a bathroom makeover, there are plenty of Bathroom Design tips available. 

Bathroom Interior

We thought we would help you in your quest for your perfect bathroom. As you all know, we like to be ahead of the game or at least in the know of what’s quirky and new, so we thought we would gather some of the most unique and stylish gadgets for your bathroom. You have been warned, some cost a fortune!

A tap like no other

No more turning the tap on the wrong way or not knowing which tap is which with this amazing model. This tap features an LED temperature control that glows blue or red allowing you to see if the water is hot or cold. Very stylish and finished in either chrome or cool matte powder, this tap could be the envy of every bathroom.


Not just for your reflection!

This mirror is so much more than just a mirror. At the touch of a button this mirror activates a reflective surface that displays a whole array of information just for you. Would you like to check today’s weather or catch up on the news or maybe you’d like to check your Facebook account. This mirror can do all of that as well as monitor your health.

Man looking in the mirror


Shower Control

This amazing control lets you customise your shower just for you. You can alternate from hot and cold water – which is excellent for circulation, listen to your favourite music through blue-tooth enabled phones and tablets and even adjust the shower manually if you really want to.

Colourful Toilet Seat

The Lav Nav Nightlight toilet seat is an ingenious invention that has a motion sensor so that when someone enters the bathroom at night it glows, negating the need to turn on the lights. Even more ingenious is that it glows green for when the seat is up and red for when the seats down, ensuring there are no night time mishaps.


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