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Autumn – home maintenance checks

We are only in the second week of October and already we have had non-stop rain for what seems like days on end! With a typhoon hitting Japan last weekend and causing much devastation, it can only be a matter of time before the UK is also hit with autumnal storms, but hopefully not as severe as a typhoon!

Autumn, although a beautiful season, does cause problems with falling leaves, first frosts and gale force winds. So, before the weather really starts taking a turn for the worse, it’s a good time to start planning some home maintenance around your property to prepare it for whatever mother nature decides to throw at us this autumn.


Maintaining your gutters is one of the annual jobs that although boring and tedious should be undertaken without fail. If your gutters become blocked and they go unnoticed you can end up with problems such as roof and fascia damage, damp on internal walls as well as cracks in foundations if water starts to pool on the ground. Plastic guttering and cast iron gutters should be swept clear of any build-up of debris and checked for leaks and cracks. If paint is flaking away make sure you prepare the area thoroughly and properly before applying a fresh coat of paint.

Outdoor Furniture

Leaving patio furniture outside during the autumn and winter can cause it to rot and fall apart. If you have a shed it’s best to stack your furniture away to protect it from the harmful elements. Before tidying the furniture away check it over for any damage and make any repairs in readiness for next year. If you do not have a shed buy some furniture covers so that they can be protected from the worst of the weather.

Boiler Serviceshutterstock_707026189

You’ve probably already had your heating on as the mornings and nights have been getting colder, but it’s not to late to get your boiler serviced to make sure it’s in full working order. Not only will the service make sure it’s running efficiently but they will also check for leaks and ensure it is safe to use. You can find out more by visiting the British Gas website:

Chimney Sweep

If you have an open fire or use a wood burner you should get your chimney swept twice or at least once a year. Ideally this should be once at the end of the season to clear out any soot deposits and once at the start of the season to remove any debris build up or bird’s nests. Make sure you only burn seasoned wood as wet or damp wood can increase the build up of soot in a chimney. To find a registered chimney sweep visit the National Association of Chimney Sweeps website:


Falling leaves are probably one of the most annoying and potentially hazardous problems of autumn. It’s hard to be cross though as the trees do look stunning when their leaves start to change colour! However, fallen leaves can cause problems not only to your property but also to you. Make sure you rake up any leaves from your lawn as leaving them throughout the winter can ruin your grass. Also clear your pathways and driveways from fallen leaves as they can become treacherous underfoot if they become wet.

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