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Apps to help your finances – both business and personal!

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Keeping tracking of your finances can be a tricky task but thankfully with the help of new technology there are now many ways you can keep your finger on the pulse and find out just where all your money goes each month. You can also setup savings targets, keep an eye on your stocks and shares as well as monitoring any debts you may have and want to get rid of.

For small businesses there are also a number of great apps, cloud based software packages and desktop based software packages on the market that can make your life and your accountants life much easier!

Here are some of our favourite apps and software packages for both personal and business use that you may find helpful:

Account Tracker

If you have multiple accounts and would like a more in depth overview of just where your pennies go each month this great app will help you keep on top of your finances and bills. Not only does it track multiple accounts but you can also set up alerts and reminders for paying bills when they are due.


This is another great app that syncs across all of your devices helping you keep on track of your finances as often as you need. Bills, personal expenses and day to day living costs all get accounted for in MoneyWiz.

Savings Goal

Why not put your money where your mouth is! Rather than just talking about saving this handy app will let you add a goal i.e. the total amount you’d like to save, and will then give you a savings schedule for you to start saving in earnest. Seeing the figures for real will help keep you focused and keep you savvy with your money.


This app is perfect if you have some stocks and shares that you need to keep track of. It is also available on all devices, handy if you switch from mobile device to laptop to iPad! However if you’d like to know what stocks are hot to buy, you may wish to download Stock Guru instead. This app will help you judge stocks based on risk, valuation, financial strength and momentum.

Debt Manager

If you’re sick of owing money and would like to start paying off your debts this great app will help you organise your finances as well as track and pay off your debts in the cheapest and fastest way possible for your circumstances.


For small businesses this cloud based software package is ideal for those companies who’d like their accounting to be easier and more manageable. Xero imports all of your company’s transactions and links them to the corresponding account transactions. The Dashboard function makes it quick and easy to view reports and keep an eye on bills that are coming-up as well as many other features.

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Quickbooks is a desktop based accounting software package that will help run your business finances smoothly. There are many different reports available as well as in-depth analysis to help you keep on top of your company’s accounts.

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