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Apps to help disabled people


We all have challenges to face at one time or another in our life be that emotional, mental or indeed physical. Some of us have had challenges from the day we were born and others may, through the result of an accident or an illness, have had to learn how to adapt to a new way of living.

There is a huge amount of equipment now available on the market which makes life easier for those who are less able, from specially adapted cutlery to help overcome hand eye co-ordination; to mobility scooters to help those less able get out and about.

With the advances in modern technology not only have many more gadgets been designed and developed but there is now a huge amount of apps that you can download onto your phone that can help improve the quality of life for many people who struggle with day to day living. Here we have found 5 of the best apps on the market that can help in different ways.

Finding your voice – Talkitt

For those with a speech disorder this amazing app really does give people who find it hard to communicate a voice. Those who may have suffered from a stroke for instance may now find speaking difficult.  It works by translating unrecognisable pronunciation into recognisable speech. It

works by identifying the users’ vocal pattern and translates it into a voice that can be understood.

Learn Braille & Sign Smith ASL Essential

These apps are amazingly effective at helping people to learn quickly how to read braille or how to communicate using sign language. You may be asking just how can you learn braille on a flat screen? But this creative app shows the symbol on your phone brilliant to help those with sight learn how to read braille. To find out more about braille, visit the RNIB website. The sign language app has different packages available and depending on how much you would like to spend you could learn how to sign up to 1,200 words. The app also depicts an animated person who mimics the sign making it easier to see and learn.

Be my eyes

For those who are either visually impaired or blind this app is brilliant. The app connects blind people who need assistance with a sighted volunteer via a direct video connection. For instance if a blind person needs help reading instructions they request assistance using the app. A volunteer then gets notified and they respond to the request to help them read the instructions. Simple but life changing!

Look at me

If you have an autistic child this app can really help them improve eye contact and communication. It works by helping users to learn moods, remember faces and helps them to express themselves with facial expressions and poses. Tests have shown that using the app 15 minutes every day showed a 60% improvement on making eye contact and identifying facial communication.

disabled parking space

Parking Mobility

Using iPhones GPS capabilities this great app allows you to find all the disabled parking spaces around you. You can also leave notes as to the parking facilities for other users and even add in ones that may not currently be on the system, and beware abled bodied parking offenders, there is also a facility to report illegal parking for those who should not be using the spaces! To find out if you qualify for a blue badge, visit the government website by clicking here.

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