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After The Storm….

Storm Ciara is the latest storm to hit the UK. Hurricane-force winds and severe flooding hit all parts of the UK with a range of intensity. Severe disruption was seen throughout Sunday with cancellation of flights, trains and ferries as well as numerous homes being affected from flooding, wind damage and loss of power.

Winds of more than 90mph were seen across much of Britain which had a devastating effect on the whole of the country. People were advised not to travel unless ‘absolutely necessary’ as weather warnings came thick and fast from the met office.

Unfortunately, at this time of year the weather in the UK is hugely unpredictable and further weather warnings are again in place for the next few days as snowstorms hit Scotland and high winds once again are forecast for the South of England.

For homeowners’ storms can cause all manner of headaches from strong winds blowing roofs off and fences down, to flooding from a torrent of rainwater and rivers bursting their banks. Some of the damage will be highly visible and therefore easier to start the process of getting repair work underway. But some damage may go unnoticed, which could leave you with bigger problems in the future if you don’t carry out essential repair work as soon as possible.

Here’s a checklist of things to look out for in and around your home once the storm has passed.

broken fence after storm


Fencing does naturally have a lifespan, but severe weather can reduce the lifetime your fencing may have. Check all fencing on the perimeter of your property for wobbly posts and loose panels. If you are at all unsure about the strength of your fencing then err on the side of caution and make remedial repairs immediately. Repairing one panel or post now could save you having to replace the whole lot in the future.

Flood Lines

If you live in an area that has seen flooding you may want to check where the flood line reached to ensure your property is protected in the future. If you are at all concerned about your property flooding it may be worthwhile investing in a barrier that acts as doorway protector. The barriers are made up of a 25mm thick boxed steel frame which are then covered by a 7mm thick neoprene cover. If you are unsure if your area is prone to flooding, visit the government website:

Gutters & Roofing

Your properties roof and guttering will have taken a battering during any storm as it really is fully exposed to the elements. Check the roof from a distance for loose tiles and if you are concerned ask a local builder to make a more thorough investigation for you.
A broken gutter after a stormYou should also go into your loft to see if you can see any daylight from missing tiles. Check your guttering systems regardless of whether you have a plastic drainage system or cast iron downpipes as they may have become loose or broken away from high winds and excessive quantities of rainwater. You should also check that they have not become blocked from flying debris.

Outdoor Structures

And last but not least, check any outdoor structures on your property such as garages, sheds and pergolas. Check they are still stable, the roof is intact and that the windows have not become loose.

If your property has been affected by the recent storms, visit the Money Savings Expert website for further advice on what to do about claiming through your insurance:

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