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7 DIY safety tips

There’s absolutely no doubt that may of us will be embarking in a spot of DIY this summer. Whether it’s revamping the garden, tiling the bathroom, painting the walls, putting together furniture or installing a new light switch, it seems like there’s a never-ending supply of things to do around the house.

shutterstock_382064068Whilst doing it yourself can save a lot of money and be incredibly satisfying, be aware that DIY injuries are common and some can be serious. If you’re about to embark on some home improvements, make sure you consider these safety tips first.

Wear protective clothing 

If you’re working with potentially hazardous materials such as glass or spray paint or you’re sawing wood, ensure that you wear protective clothing. Safety goggles, gloves and dust masks can all help to prevent damage to your eyes, hands and lungs.

Ventilate the room 

If you’re painting, using a material that generates toxic fumes or sawing in a room, make sure you open a window so you can get the proper ventilation that you need.

Invest in high quality equipment  

Even though it’s likely to be cheaper than hiring a professional, the cost of doing DIY can soon add up. Because of this, it may be tempting to buy the cheapest materials and equipment that you can find. When it comes to your equipment however, it’s always worth investing in high quality products because they will probably do the job much quicker and they’re also likely to be a lot safer.

Keep dangerous equipment stored away 

If you have young children or pets running around the house, make sure that any equipment that might be dangerous is safely stored away at all times. Even if you’re not finished with it, keep hazardous items in a box or on a rack because walking away for even just five minutes can still result in accidents.

Practice proper knife safety 

Knives can be incredibly dangerous tools so it’s important to use them safely if you want to prevent any accidents from occurring. When using them, always cut away from you and you can also invest in safety gloves to protect your hands. When they’re not in use, make sure that any knives are safely stored away.


Safety with electricity 

It’s normally advisable to leave any electrical matters to an electrician because if you don’t know what you’re doing, playing with electricity can result in a serious shock and even death.

If you’re confident that you can do the job however, the first step is to ensure that you have switched off the power as this will prevent you from getting an electric shock. If you’re fixing an electrical appliance, also make sure that you have switched it off at the socket and have pulled out the plug. You can also wear rubber-soled shoes for protection if you’re worried about working with electrics.

Keep fire protection in the house 

When dealing with electrics and DIY tools, there’s always a risk that a fire could occur. In order to minimise potential damage should this happen, make sure you have the proper fire precautions in place.

You should always have a working smoke alarm in your house and when you’re doing DIY, it’s also worth investing in a fire extinguisher and fire blankets in case a fire does start.

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