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5 Signs Your Property May Have Drainage Issues

Drainage problems can cause you a lot of unnecessary stress and worry but the quicker you resolve any problems you notice, especially the small ones can, could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Here we look at some of the most common problems you should look out for in and around your property.


  1. Leaking Gutters

During the autumn months falling leaves will inevitably end up in your gutters, which can cause blockages. Make sure you check your gutters for any build-up of debris and remove them immediately. If you notice drips coming from any joins in your gutters or staining down your walls this could be a sign that you already have a problem. For leaking gutters make sure you replace your pipework as soon as possible and use replacement parts from a reputable company especially of you need to cast iron gutter replacements.

  1. Water stains in the cellar

Not all properties in the UK have a cellar, but if you do and you don’t use the cellar very often make sure you check it regularly for signs of damp or water stains. Signs of water damage will be easy to spot but it’s essential you investigate further and find out where the water has been getting into your cellar. Grohe have now created a cellar alarm which will alert you to flooding, it will also measure humidity and temperature. Visit their website for further details:

  1. Foundation cracks

If you start to notice that your floors are becoming uneven or that your doorways are becoming crooked, you may have problems with your foundation. You may also notice cracks appearing in your walls. If you are unsure if the cracks are increasing in size, you can easily crack them by outlining them with a pencil and add the date of when you marked them. Some cracks may just be part of a building settling especially new-builds but for other properties this could be an indication of a more serious problem.


  1. Deposits on the Walls

If you notice that there is a growing amount of white or grey crust on your walls, this could also be an indication of water seeping in through your walls. This buildup is called efflorescence which are mineral deposits left behind by evaporating water. Check the outside of your property for leaking drains and also your roof for leaking tiles. Visit DIY Doctor for more help and advice:

  1. Mildew in the Attic

In the attic, mildew can occur underneath the roof which can be an indication that you have problem elsewhere in your property. Mildew can be caused from bathroom fans blowing hot air towards the attic, where it can condense on the cold side of the roof, forming mildew.

If you have noticed any of these problems in and around your property, seek professional help immediately if you cannot resolve the issue yourself.

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