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5 must have gadgets for the business traveller

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The internet has revolutionised the way we work. Previously all we ever used to take on a business trip was a laptop and a good book, now we have so many devices to consider, all of which seem to be wireless, cordless and require charging.

Once, business travel meant being out of contact with the office for days at a time, now we live in a world of 24/7 connectivity (so long as the battery holds). “Today’s business traveller wants to stay productive and connected to what matters most whilst on the move: from emails to cloud business apps for work; to Skype and Facebook and speaking to family and friends during downtime” says ESA Serviced Apartments Director, Charlie Turner.

Yet taking the office with you and staying connected is about more than just packing your laptop. Here are five gadgets that help you make the most of every business trip (as well as giving you some cool creds too).

HooToo TripMate Portable Router

One of the advantages serviced apartments have over hotels is that they usually provide free Wi-fi and plenty of socket plugs.  Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi in receptions or coffee shops but charge for it in rooms, they also tend to charge per device, which is galling. Added to which there is often only one plug socket available. This amazing gadget from HooToo, can create a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are. Now you can use multiple devices share files with your colleagues while your iPAD is loading the latest movie blockbuster. Added to which it is also a personal cloud too. If that was not enough, there are two USB ports so you can charge up phones and tablets while you work.

Griffin Keyboard Wired WITH Lightning Connector

In the world of wireless, it almost seems too “old school” to add something wired on the list, but just consider this!  How many occasions have you needed a keyboard for your tablet, yet as soon as you go to use it, you discover that the battery is dead. So the clever people at Griffin have simply created a keyboard with a Lightening Connector. How simple is that?

Brunton Power Knife – a very stylish multi charger

It looks like a Swiss Army Knife, but it is actually the simplest thing in the world. An unusual travel accessory but one that could prove quite handy, has three cables that tuck inside the case. Two are for an iPhone or an iPad (using a Lightning or 30-pin connector) and one is for Android gear (using Micro USB). A fourth USB cable connects to your laptop or a wall charger. The main point: reducing cable clutter

Yubico FIDO Security Key

The big news for business travel is that you can now use a key to unlock your computer. The Yubico Fido Security Key supports the U2F authentication standard that’s considered “unhackable”. You can download the Google Security Key for Chrome, load it onto this USB key, then stop using passwords. On the road, using the Yubico means no one can steal your stuff. Keeping your information safe and secure is always a problem too.

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The TouchPico Projector

Leaving the one of the best till last is the TouchPico.  It is a tiny (around the size of a big smartphone) which turns any wall into a giant 80″ interactive touchscreen thanks to an infrared pointing device.  Very easy to carry, practical and as powerful as large projectors, this tool will definitely spice up all your meetings. Currently available only in an Android version is on the market, but this classy and easy to use gadget is a stunner. The only thing you need is a wall and a power supply!

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